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  • Moms In Music Annual Membership

    Every year

Why Join?
Moms In Music members gain access to:

Professional Development

  • Exclusive Career + Personal Development Resources including virtual and in-person events

  • Access to curated workshops and programs led by music industry professionals and experts in various fields including Finance, Health/Wellness, Mental Health and Entrepreneurship.

  • Exclusive Access to Moms In Music Members Only Group Portal  


  • Personalized New Member Asset 

  • Access to quarterly Moms In Music newsletter

  • Global community of moms in all sectors and genres of music 

  • Discounts to select industry conferences and trade organizations 

Join Before Registration Closes!

Moms In Music has a quarterly new member intake process. This aligns with our vision of creating an environment that fosters sustainable growth and personalized engagement with our members. 


Is there a criteria to become a member of the Moms In Music Community?

Yes, Moms In Music extends our membership to mothers, in mothering roles, or on the journey to motherhood within the music industry.

Whether you're a musician, producer, manager, or work in any other capacity within the music business, if you identify with the journey of motherhood, you're welcome to join Moms In Music.

How do I join the Moms In Music community?

Joining our community is simple! After successfully setting up your account and completing the payment for the annual membership, you will become an active member, granting you access to all the perks our community provides.

Do you have to sign up for membership every year?

No, once you join to become a member of the Moms In Music community, you will not have to join again. Membership for Moms In Music is billed annually.

Once you've successfully joined Moms In Music, your membership is automatically renewed on an annual basis. You can cancel your membership at any time. 

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